Louisa Carasco is a sophomore at SUNY Potsdam studying Music Education with the concentration in euphonium. Louisa has always been involved in music and helped others especially young children, which is why she wants to become a music teacher.

In high school, Louisa volunteered at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY providing care to patients and also helping the staff on the floor. She also has volunteered at her local library for years participating in programs that are meant to help children with their homework, reading skills, and promoting education. Louisa also loves her community. She was the Band President of her high school’s chapter of Tri-M Music Honor Society and the Low Brass Section Leader.

In large performances and parades, Louisa was always the go to person for all Low Brass instruments for help in music, different techniques, as well as holding sectionals. Louisa has experience with all Low Brass instruments. She was Sousaphone Section Leader for Marching Band, Baritone Horn/Euphonium Section Leader for Concert Band, and was one of the first female Trombonists for Jazz Band. Now that she is in college, Louisa has taken upon playing in the Crane Concert Band and Crane Symphonic Band. She also has taken on her own personal interest by performing in the West African Drum & Dance Ensemble, learning the Akan language, culture, and the different dances involved.

Louisa is now at the Crane School of Music where she focuses on mastering her euphonium and taking along the steps of becoming a great music educator. From time to time, she visits her high school to always give advice to her former Low Brass peers.


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